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We at CCRS strive to ensure that our clients have the future secure and financially bright.

Protecting Income and Assets

We can help you create strategies for eliminating financial risk and protect your assets therefore allowing savings to building wealth over the long term.

Health/Medical Insurance-can safeguard your assets from the high costs of health care. You may lack the financial resources needed to pay medical expenses associated with a health crisis, and the costs of physical exams, prescription drugs, hospital stays, pregnancy, and routine medical conditions can add up and cause you to suffer financial hardship if you must pay for them entirely on your own. Generally, health insurance pays for all or a portion of specified medical costs. The cost and range of protection that your health insurance provides will depend on your insurance company and the particular policy you purchase.

Supplemental Insurance-is additional coverage that can help you pay out-of-pocket expenses that can come from injuries or illnesses such as cancer or a heart attack. Many supplemental insurance plans pay out a lump sum directly to you that can be used to pay for lost wages, transportation, medication, or anything else resulting from an injury or illness.

Disabilty Insurance-helps protect your income by paying you a benefit that replaces part of your earned income (typically 50% to 70%) when you can’t work. You may be able to obtain short-term or long-term disability coverage, or both. In general, disability insurance can be split into three types: private insurance (individual policies bought from an insurance company), group policies typically provided through your employer, and government insurance, such as Social Security disability benefits and social insurance provided through state governments. If you’re applying for benefits under a private insurance policy, you’ll probably be subject to a waiting period (elimination period) before benefits are paid.

Long-Term Care-pays a selected dollar amount per day (for a set period) for the type of long-term care described in the policy. Depending on the benefits you select, care can be provided in a variety of settings, including your residence, assisted-living facilities, adult day-care centers, hospices, and nursing homes. Most policies pay benefits when the insured experiences certain physical or mental impairments. The cost of insurance is based on the insurer, the age of the insured, the health of the insured, and the benefits selected.

Life Insurance-provides funds for your loved ones when you die. If you’re working, your income can have a significant impact on the quality of your family’s lifestyle, even if you’re part of a two-income household. Life insurance protects your family by providing proceeds that can be used to replace your lost income if you die prematurely.

Business Insurance-Owning a business often requires you to make a significant investment of your time and finances. You don’t know what difficulties may lie ahead for your business, so you need to be protected. Whether you are just starting a business out of your home, or you manage a multimillion dollar enterprise, no matter how careful you are in running your business, accidents happen. As a business owner, you may be interested in several different types of insurance coverage: property and casualty insurance, liability insurance, and group health, life, and disability insurance coverage for you and your employees. You can buy these types of insurance separately, or you may be able to purchase a package of insurances covering many different potential hazards

Medicare- is beneficial to many Americans over 65 and those with disabilities, but like other health insurance offerings, not everything is covered. Because of this, you can extend your Original Medicare (Parts A and B) benefits with one of several Medicare Supplement Options.

A Medicare Supplement plan, also known as Medigap, can help cover some expenses that Original Medicare does not. Medicare Supplement plans are sold by private insurance companies and can help with copays, coinsurance, and deductibles. Some plans even help cover medical care when you travel abroad. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find a plan to meet your budget and requirements.

A Medicare Advantage plan, also known as Medicare Part C, is health coverage offered by private insurance companies. Medicare Advantage plans offer the same benefits as Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) and often includes additional coverage such as prescription drugs, dental, vision, and hearing.

One difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage is that most Medicare Advantage plans have dedicated networks of doctors and hospitals, much like employer or individual insurance you may have had in the past. With Original Medicare, you can use any provider that accepts Medicare.

There are standalone senior supplemental plans that have been created to meet the unique needs of older Americans. These plans are not part of Medicare but can be used in addition to your coverage. Other senior-specific plans available include dental, vision and final expense insurance.

Systematic Savings

Permanent Insurance- which include whole life, universal life, and variable life insurance policies. These types of policies build up cash value as policyowners make premium payments over time. In addition, some permanent insurance policies are eligible for dividends. While not guaranteed dividends, when paid, can be directed to enhance a policy’s cash value, among other options. Policyowners can withdraw or borrow against their cash value for any need, like paying a college bill or coming up with a down payment on a house. Interest rates on cash value loans from insurance policies may be more favorable than those available for personal loans.

Annuities-is an insurance contract that allows you to set aside money to pay yourself an income in retirement. The income is paid out on a schedule — usually monthly, quarterly or annually — giving you the peace of mind that you have a steady income stream to rely upon during your golden years.

Debt Management and Elimination-is a way to get your debt under control through financial planning and budgeting. The goal of a debt management plan is to use these strategies to help you lower your current debt and move toward eliminating it completely. Therefore creating more funds to put toward saving and building wealth.

Retirement Options

What does your dream retirement look like? Do you want to travel the world? Visit your grandkids? Open your own business? Volunteer at the local homeless shelter? No matter what your dream is, you need to have stable income streams to carry you through two or three decades—or more. Talking about end-of-life planning may seem downright depressing, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you just bought your first home or have been running your own business for 30 years, you get to choose what to do with those assets you’ve worked so hard for.

Women Life Planning "Fabulous and Financially Fit-Sisters Doing It For Themselves"

Women are sucessful professionals, strong and intelligent. At some point in their lives, woman may have to manage their own finances. It can be for a number of reasons but women should be empowered to the point that they are able to confidently manage their money. By declaring your own financial security as top priority, women can relieve a significant source of stress. Let us help you do this! Check out Fabulous and Financially Fit Group at